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Card games

  • Spades


    The classic 4 player Spades card game with 3 computer opponents.

  • Gin Rummy

    Gin Rummy

    Play this classic 2 player Gin Rummy game.

  • Spite and Malice

    Spite and Malice

    Play this classic card game also know as Cat and Mouse or Skip-bo against a computer opponent.

  • Thirty-One (31)

    Thirty-One (31)

    The object of this game is to obtain a hand with a point value as close as possible to 31.

  • 21Blitz


    Combine cards and try to get 21 in a row or column.

  • Governor of Poker

    Governor of Poker

    Live Like a Poker cowboy in the Wild West and get wealthy.

  • Discover Europe

    Discover Europe

    Play a solitaire and difference game and Discover Europe.

  • Uno for 2

    Uno for 2

    Variant on the famous Uno card game (for 2).

  • Hearts


    The classic 4 player hearts card game against 3 computer opponents.

  • Rummy


    Play Rummikub with cards against a computer opponent.

  • Magic Quilt Solitaire

    Magic Quilt Solitaire

    Remove all cards from the Magic Quilt.

  • Medieval Quarts

    Medieval Quarts

    Play a game of Quarts against 3 computer opponents.

  • Go Fish

    Go Fish

    Collect the most sets of 4 cards by requesting cards from your opponents.

  • Cowboy Gin Rummy

    Cowboy Gin Rummy

    Play this classic 2 player Gin Rummy game against a cowboy.

  • Vegas Poker

    Vegas Poker

    Play Texas Hold'em Poker and beat 5 computer opponents.

  • Crazy Eights

    Crazy Eights

    Classic card game for 4 players.

  • 66


    66 (sechsundsechzig) is a classic card game from Germany for 2 players.

  • Vegas Poker Solitaire

    Vegas Poker Solitaire

    Try to get the best poker hands on the table.

  • House of Cards

    House of Cards

    Build a solid house of cards with your set of playing cards.

  • Hot Casino Blackjack

    Hot Casino Blackjack

    Create as many black jack hands as possible.