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Solitaire Games Online (2)

  • Ace of Spades 3

    Ace of Spades 3

    Try to remove all cards via 1 higher or 1 lower. The Ace of Spades gets you an extra bonus.

  • Governor of Poker

    Governor of Poker

    Live Like a Poker cowboy in the Wild West and get wealthy.

  • Hearts


    The classic 4 player hearts card game against 3 computer opponents.

  • Wild West Solitaire

    Wild West Solitaire

    Fun Klondike type of card game.

  • Discover Europe

    Discover Europe

    Play a solitaire and difference game and Discover Europe.

  • Uno for 2

    Uno for 2

    Variant on the famous Uno card game (for 2).

  • Tri Towers Solitaire

    Tri Towers Solitaire

    Remove all cards from the playing field and you will see the 3 towers.

  • Ancient Civilizations

    Ancient Civilizations

    Discover Ancient Civilizations by playing this Pyramid Solitaire game.

  • Pirate Solitaire

    Pirate Solitaire

    Try to find the Treasure in this Klondike/Freecell type of game.

  • Tower Solitaire

    Tower Solitaire

    Remove all cards and find the medieval Castle Tower.

  • Tripeaks Mania 2

    Tripeaks Mania 2

    Remake of the Tripeaks mania game. Play cards 1 higher or lower in value.

  • Rummy


    Play Rummikub with cards against a computer opponent.